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When you're out DJing, every once in awhile people ask you if you run Karaoke nights, too. 

I do...but why run it as a separate entity?

Meet "Two Turntables, Two Microphones" Karaoke/DJ Night

A play off the iconic hip-hop reference, "two turntables and a microphone"- the originators of hip hop culture used the phrase - naming the only tools needed to rock a party all night


Two Turntables, Two Microphones is a brainchild of my love for DJing and meeting the demand for Karaoke nights.

The turntables lay down the intro for the night, allow me to mix in and out of spaces in the karaoke queue, and lets guests wrap up their night in their dancing shoes post sing session. The two microphones exists, of course, for the proper duet or simple moral support from your friends also singing along.

I bring out all the stops - I connect my DJ equipment, two professional Shure mics, and an always up to date Karaoke application on a 2nd computer to another audio mixer, as well as an HDMI signal splitter so that both the singer can see the lyrics on their personal screen, while the audience can sing along with the larger house TV setup behind the performer.

DJ sets before, between, and after singing keeps the party going like no other Karaoke night.

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